StudentsGradsThe vision and purpose of IHN Bible College is to equip the saints for ministry through timely, free training. We desire to raise a mighty army of men and women who are prepared to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through vision, spiritual preparation of the heart, training in the Word of God, and its principles and methods.

This church-based College, through spiritual leaders, offers aggressive College training for thorough equipping of Christian leadership. We emphasize balanced doctrine, servant-hood, leadership, character development and developing a biblical global perspective.

IHN Bible College is a place to train men and women called to part-time or full-time College and those interested in becoming better equipped to serve their local church or ministry.

We offer academic excellence and methods that will train you to maximize your leadership skills and attitude to reach your God-given potential.

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    Site announcements


    by Dr. Thomas J. Moore -

    After much work by several people we have finally gotten this site up and running. However, there is still allot of work to be done. We are adding courses continuously as well as making tweaks to the overall site to make it more user friendly. We do apologize for any inconvenience or difficulties you may have with this site.