"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay."
(Matthew 10:8 ESV)


We Are NO LONGER CHARGING Tuition For Our Courses!

It has been a long time coming but we finally made the decision to stop charging money for our courses and simply rely on the grace of those who support out ministry. This means we will be able to deliver the same quality education, if not better, to everyone in the world who wants it but cannot afford it.

This has been a desire of mine for many years. I had take allot of community college courses over a span of several years because I could not afford the time or costs of a full time education. Having to work and support a fimily made it extremely difficult. I looked for free Christian education online and found none that were really satisfying. They all were either scams like the Universal Church or they were offering specific training without any degree.

I wound up having to save up and study at North Western Theological and Ames Christian University. I obtain my Doctorate of Divinity and am continuing to work on my PhD in Theology. But I always wondered if there was a way to bring this same quality Christian education to the world for free.

We created this online college with the hopes of doing just that. At first we charged for the degree programs because we needed to offset the out of pocket expense. But things are now at a point where, because of some donations, we are now able to do what we intended from the start . . . offer a free online Bible College to the world.

There are others but I must say not all of them have the true desire to bring the truth of God's Word to those who seek Him. We do. So, form our hearts we now offer you and any who wish to study God's Word through a solid Christian Educational System designed to develop strong believers, ministers, church leaders, and pastors.

May the Lord Jesus open your mind and heart to His doctrine and grow His love within each and everyone who comes to this college. Amen!


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