"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay."
(Matthew 10:8 ESV)

There are no fees for our Certificate Programs! That's right. We do not charge money for God's Word and the Core Curriculum of IHN Bible College. We do, however, for the degree programs because of the cost involved with administrating this ministry. The good news is you would have a hard time finding this quality of Biblical education at the price of just $75 a course. This price includes all course material and downloadable books needed for its completion. Required outside reading materials will cost.

We also depend on the financial support of people just like you who would help spread God's awesome news to the far ends of the earth. Help us not only reach people with the truth of God but to educate and equip our ministers to boldly proclaim the news of salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God!

Pray about it. If God leads you to be a part of our ministry then please support us financially by clicking the donate button below and giving what your are compelled to give.

We pray for our ministry always and we ask you to do the same. That's okay if you cannot afford any money. Please support us through prayer. God will hear you and bless both of us.

May the God of all creation, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God Who sent His Son to die for us, the God Who has given us eternal life by His Son bless you and grace you with His love and mercies. Amen!


Free Certificate FREE
Bachelor Degrees $750


Full Payment $500.00 (after $250 discount)
Scheduled Payment $25 per Month for 24 Months (this is a $150 discount)
Any Time Any Amount Pay any amount of the $750 at any time until it is paid in full.
Please help spread the Gospel by financially supporting us!

You will receive a $250 discount for making the full tuition payment at one time. In a Bachelor Program the cost of courses is $75 per course. There are 10 courses at 6 credits each plus the 20 free core curriculum courses at 3 credits each. This is a total of 30 courses and 120 credits. At $75 for each degree course the total cost is $750. We encourage payment by offering you a discount for full payment which saves you $250.

The scheduled payment option helps keep you on track to getting your tuition fees paid in full in 24 months. This does not limit your completion time. This is only for the payment of fees. You can still take as long as you need to complete your studies. If you complete earlier than 24 months you will not receive your diploma until the fees are paid in full. You also get a $150 discount selecting this option.

The third option may look more appealing for those who are really strapped for funds and cannot afford a structured payment option like the previous. This option allows you to make a payment on a given program for any amount at any time. For example: you find you have an extra $5 in your account you can spend so you apply it to your balance due. We will keep track of all amounts paid and a running balance no matter what payment option you choose.

Although the "Pay Any Amount at Any Time" may look better, there are some pitfalls involved in this option. First of all, you do not build good debt repayment skills by doing things whenever. Don't get me wrong, it may be needed in your case and we do allow it. But in life we need to pay what we owe. This is a sound Biblical principle that we are obligated to our debtors. If we agree to pay in a scheduled time then that is what we need to do and we should be in the good habit of doing so.

Again, this is not a concern for our payment option. But another problem is you may forget to pay because it is not routine or a habit. Thus, you fall further behind and wind up never completing the program to its' fullest.

No matter what option you choose we encourage you to be diligent in your studies and strive for the perfection of God in your heart, soul, spirit and body.