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Jesus The Man Study Guide: Jesus the Eternal, Prophesied, Man

The thought that Jesus was a human being while on earth is very far from most Christian's minds. it is very easy to say He was a man like any of us but very few find comfort in that. It is more comfortable to think of Jesus as God in the flesh which is absolutely true. But He was also a human being. This has so much more meaning for us when we can better understand what Jesus went through as a human being. A quick look is to look at your own life and imagine Jesus going through the same daily routines you go through. If you look at this honestly you will start to see the life of Jesus while He was in the flesh. The purpose of this study is not to prove the humanity of Jesus but to take a broad look at the person of Jesus in His eternal presence, His purpose in God's plan and how it has unfolded in our age, and then to look at Jesus as a man and how that has affected our salvation through His life, death, and resurrection.

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