Just to let you know, we currently do not have our Degree Program available. It is still being compiled with new curriculum. But you can still get started on it now by taking the Certificate Program which is the core curriculum for all our programs. By the time you complete those requirements the Degree Program will be ready for you if not sooner.

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Program has 10 additional courses beyond the Core Curriculum which will award you 60 credits upon completion. That and the 60 credits earned from the Core Curriculum will total 120 credits which is required for graduation.

The Degree Requirements are a balance of Biblical Studies designed to focus your understanding of God's Word towards the Truths found in Scripture. It is important to know what God is telling us through His Word and not though our individual interpretations of what we think He is saying. Learn how to discover the deeper meanings and allow God to reveal the mysteries found in Scripture that you may be fully equipped to complete His commission.

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