African Campuses
Our piolet campus begins with Dr. Benjamin Elunga W'Elunga who ask if IHN Bible College would partner with them to expand their college and bring a solid curriculum to their students. In the process, Dr. W'Elunga expresses a great desire to bring more campuses to outher African countries. We are currently working to do exactly that. Below is a list of the current and proposed campuses.

IBEAN Campus - Tanzania
This the Nyarugusu Camp where the campus which is also our piolet campus with 57 students.

Arusha Campus - Tanzania
New Campus Open. Currently has 14 students.

To open their campus in April, 2020.

FIZI DR - Congo
New Campus Open. Currently has 33 students.

New Campus Open.

New Campus Open. Currently has 25 students.

Future Campus

Future Campus

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