Most colleges and universities today are so expensive very few people can afford to go to college. Those who do not come from money, which is most people graduating from high school, can only depend on student loans and grants. Grants do not offer enough for a full ride so they depend on loans or having to work their way through college.

If you have chosen to work your way through college you found it is very difficult to manage just a couple of courses per semester. Even as a single person this can be a challenge because of the structured course work that is required. There is very little flexibility with the curriculum and your job.

If you use the loan option then you are facing years of indebtedness to deal with while trying to find a job that will give you the amount of money you need to pay back the loans. Oh, and the guaranteed student loan option should never be considered because it will NEVER be forgiven.

So, what if you could continue to work at your current job and go to college when you felt like it or when you had time to? What if you never had to take out a loan because you could pay for your inexpensive education with payments that are convenient to your finances? What if you could study at your own pace, take exams when it is convenient, and actually put what you learn to great use in this world?

Well, you can! That is exactly what we offer. We do offer a Free Certificate Program to those who want the basic education requirements. But we also offer a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree and soon a Masters degree. Eventually we will offer a Doctorate as well. And the costs of these courses are outrageously low. Check out our Fees for more information.