Be a Part of Our ministry

We are always looking for volunteers to help teach, create curricuum, administer operatons, and, of course, be financial supporters.

Child Evangelism Fellowship
Child Evangelism Fellowship

We support Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in a number of ways. We work with all our ministry contacts to bring CEF to their areas.

Free Ministry Degrees

Our Bible College is online and world wide. We offer free Biblical education to anyone who desires it.

Learn Biblical Life Skills
IHN Radio

We are just getting started and already having issues. But God is good and we will keep trying to bring His Word to our online radio.


  • IHNBC Nyarugusu Branch - Tanzania
  • IHNBC Arusha Branch - Tanzania
  • IHNBC Zimbabwe Branch
  • IHNBC Uvira Branch - D.R. Congo
  • IHNBC Baraka Branch - D.R. Congo
  • IHNBC Burundi Branch
  • Coming Soon . . . IHNBC Branch 1 - D.R. Congo
  • IHNBC Mozambique Branch
  • IHNBC Kitale Branch - Kenya
  • Coming Soon . . . IHNBC Branch 2 - D.R. Congo
  • IHNBC Mboko Branch - D.R. Congo
  • Partner With Us

    There are a number of ways you can join our ministry and become a partner. First is to open an IHN Bible College in your area. You can partner with us and we will work with you to open an IHN Bible College branch. But do understand, our college curriculum is free. That means we do not charge any money for the education and building the college must come from donations and instructors work on a volunteer basis. If you want to pay your instructors you will have to provide the funding to do so. IHN Bible Inc. will not financially support teacher salaries or payments of any kind.

    Another way to join with us is the most obvious . . . financial support. Donations are needed for educational supplies, travel costs, Internet costs, and other miscellaneous costs that are needed to help support our ministry. Please consider supporting us financially but using the Donation button at the bottom of this page or use our GoFundMe account.

    We also need volunteers to help write curriculum, record instuctional videos, produce educational media, and so much more.

    Here is your opportunity to be a part of the Great Commision of Jesus and bring His gospel into all the world.

    Followers and Growing!

    God Has A Plan For You

    From before the begining God had a plan for you to be a part of His will.

    In His Name Bible College helps to mentor Christians like you in their search for God's will in their lives. We have committed ourselves to educationg Christians through Bible-based ministry training.

    Course work includes reading materials, lectures, quizes and other outside source material. All of our courses can be individually used for Bible Studies, personal study, classroom study, home church study and much more. College credit can be earned to be applied to various degreee programs or study to complete cetificates.

    Our cources range from core studies for the completion of our degree programs to counseling studies, Pastoral Care, Christian Philosophy, Writing and Literature, Mathmatics, Church Planting, Worship, Sermons, Evangelism and so much more. We also offer a Student Ministries program to encourage work within your own church and community.

    How much does all this cost?

    Absolutely nothing! That's right. Our courses and degree are absolutely free and always will be. Where does the money come from? Donations. Yes. We would love for you to donate to the school to help continue this free education. But it is not necessary for you to donate to study at IHN Bible College.

    Enroll today if you are not already and get started in your studies to help you better understand God's will and plan for you. Then, put what you learn to use ministering to those who do not have the Word of God. Help bring other to Christ before it is eternally too late.

    IHN Bible Collge is not for everyone. Some want a DOE accredited diploma. If this is the case then you will have to enroll into a DOE accredited school and pay the outrageous amounts they want.

    Are You Seeking Formal Bible Training?

    Are you a new or experienced Christian seeking an accelerated learning path? Our online Bible school offers over 120 credit hours of high-quality classes and more on the way. The training is designed to include beginners. Our online curriculum is biblical. See our Statement of Faith. You can pick from over 85 college-level classes that include Apologetics, Bible Studies, Christian Doctrine and History, Theology, Christian Ethics, Hermeneutics and Homiletics, Evangelism, Ministry and Missions, Pastoral Care, Philosophers and Theologians, Philosophy and Religions and many others. We continue to add more.
    Pastors Seeking Formal Ministry Training?

    Are you seeking formal ministry training? Are you a local ordained leader in a church needing clergy-grade training? Are you seeking training with mission or collegiate credentials? With these classes you can get a Bachelor Degree with Christian College that is recognized by top-tier seminaries and if you need a Master’s Degree, our divinity degree is accepted at some major accredited seminaries. Click here to find out more. This high-quality ministry training with free online Bible school classes will put you on that path.
    Pastors or Denominational Leaders Seeking to Raise Up Local Leaders?

    Are you a local ordained pastor looking for a way to train up local leaders for local ministry? At IHN Bible College, you can use our online Bible school classes for your local church. If you already have a mentoring program or are looking to start one, our courses can help get you going in the right direction while developing accountability to the Word of God.

    Are you a Bishop, Apostle, or denominational leader? Are you looking for ways to bring formalized training to the leaders you are raising up? Our programs of study may be perfect for you!
    Home & Family Bible Studies

    Are you a homeschooling parent looking for Bible training for yourself or your high school age children. Many homeschooling families have received free instruction. Your teen students can start on their college degree.

    Grow your children's faith with strong biblical education that will follow them into their adult years. Help guide them into church leadership of their choice. From patoral care to missionary work to youth ministry and more, there is a place in the kingdom of God for everyone.

    IHN Radio

    We are just getting started and already having issues. But God is good and we will keep trying to bring His Word to our online radio.

    Please be patient with us as we continue to get the equipment and resources we need.
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